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12 Inch Wooden Phone Screen Enlarger

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  • 12in Screen — More clearer pictures and videos for easy and long-distance viewing, which can protect your eyes.
  • Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier — Adopt high-definition optical technology to enlarge 4-6 times on the screen of mobile phone.
  • Phone Screen Amplifier — Made of environmentally friendly material (TPU + Wood), safe to use.
  • Wide Compatibility — Suitable for all types of smartphones.
  • Small and Lightweight — easy to carry anywhere you go. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoors Activities — Camping, tourism, leisure and more. No power needed, energy saving.
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Now Enjoy Big Screen Experience Even From Your Small Smart Phone

Phones can be magnified, watch movies or play games with this magical tool.

Ideal for All Outdoor Activities

Here’s Why You’ll Love This:

LARGE ANTI-STRAIN SCREEN: Have you ever experienced a headache from eye-strain caused by reading/watching content on your small phone screen? Worry no more, the Screen Enlarger is designed to eliminate eye strain.

MAKES A GREAT GIFT: For the Movie lover, Book-worm, or YouTube watcher, the screen enlarger is bound to bring an instant smile to whoever lays eyes on it.

ONE SIZE FOR ALL DEVICES: Perfect for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and tablets of all shapes and sizes.

HIGH DEFINITION DISPLAY: With our advanced magnification technology, zero quality is lost.

→ Especially suitable for watching 3D movies.

→ Simple and stylish wood design.

This screen enlarger with phone holder enables you to watch films, videos or read with your mobile phone hands-free with a 3D high definition.

✔ With no resolution drop
✔ Perfect for watching movies and reading
✔ Anti UV, radiation protection
✔ Reduces the strain on your eyes
✔ Lightweight folding design
✔ Easy to use, portable, and stylish
✔ No need for power supply, energy saving
✔ Also ideal for all outdoor activities
✔ Compatible with all mobile phones

✔ With high-definition optical technology.
✔ With no resolution drop.
✔ Perfect for watching movies and reading.
✔ Anti UV, radiation protection.
✔ Reduces the strain on your eyes.
✔ Lightweight folding design.
✔ Easy to use, portable, and stylish.
✔ No need for power supply, energy saving, and environmental protection.
✔ Also ideal for all outdoor activities.
✔ Compatible with all mobile phones.

✔ Reduces eyestrain, protects the eyes.

✔ High-definition optical technology to enlarge the screen 2-3 times / 4-6 times on the mobile phone screen.

✔ The best distance to watch the video is 1.5 meters – 3 meters.

Get your own 12 Inch Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger now and enjoy watching your fave movies in a bigger screen without causing strain to your eyes.

Phone Screen Amplifier, 12″ Smart Phone Magnifier,Portable Lightweight Phone Glass Enlarger Screen with Wooden Eye Protection Display Holder Stand for Camping/Tourism/Leisure


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